What is your fish consumption rate?

The State of Washington thinks you eat about 6.5 grams of fish or shellfish a day, which is one 8-ounce meal a month.

The state uses the fish consumption rate to determine how much pollution to allow in our waters. The rate is supposed to protect us from more than 100 toxins that can make us sick. Washington’s rate is also one of the lowest in the country, despite having one of largest populations of fish consumers.

Learn more about the fish consumption rate and why it matters here.

Step 1: Find out your Fish Consumption Rate

What is your actual fish consumption rate? How does that compare to Washington’s unrealistically low standard?

Step 2: Share your Fish Consumption Rate

Let other people know what your rate is!

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12 Responses to “What is your fish consumption rate?”

  1. 163 grams 25x the amount the state of Washington assumes I eat.

  2. 82 from Fall-Spring, half local/half farm-raised import. 145-227 in the Summer, all local seafood. 12-35x more than estimated. MMM, heavy metals and carcinogens.

  3. 15 grams, or 2.3x what the state assumes, and I don’t get to have fish as often as I would like.

  4. Bonita R. Cleveland Woodruff April 24, 2013 at 10:27 am

    It is a way of life for our people, we must protect & preserve our harvesting and bounty of the seas, The waters will always provide for us upon taking care of the waters. Keep our seafood clean…

  5. 145 grams. over 22x what Washington State assumes I eat.

  6. 16 grams
    2.46x what Washington State assumes I eat.

  7. I do a lot of recreational fishing & crabbing on North Puget Sound from May to October. It’s hard to say my exact average rate because I eat a great deal of fish this time of year, but not as much in the Winter. My educated guess would be that my averaged annual fish consumption rate is between 9 and 25 times what the State of Washington estimates.

    Elliott Smith
    Marine Area 7
    (Bellingham WA)

  8. 82 grams, over 13x what Washington State assumes I eat.

  9. My rate is 164. My consumption of fish was seasonally higher when I was fishing. Growing up, it seemed there was never a time of the year when fresh fish wasn’t available and the variety of preparations and species were diverse and always at hand. During those days, seafood was the norm. Meat was mostly deer, duck, pheasant, grouse and chicken that we raised. I’m concerned about our shellfish and would eat much more of it if I wasn’t unsure of the presence of metals, etc.

  10. My husband and I consume about 73 grams or 11.2 x the “state average”.

  11. My Fish Consumption Rate is 41, or 6 times the state FCR. Please protect me.

  12. Tracie Cooper Nelson August 5, 2015 at 11:19 pm

    82!!! And sometimes more, depends on the season. PROTECT ME WA!!!!!

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