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What treaty tribes are saying about clean water


Cross posted at Northwest Treaty Tribes Treaty tribes spoke out loudly against Washington state’s proposed new water quality standards. In summary, the standards aren’t nearly high enough. You can read all the public comments on the standards here. Jamestown S’Klallam Chairman Ron Allen pointed out that standards earlier proposed by the federal Environmental Protection Agency […]

Statement by Lorraine Loomis, Chair, NW Indian Fisheries Commission, Regarding Gov. Jay Inslee’s proposed water quality standards

Statement from Lorraine Loomis: Draft water quality standards released today by Gov. Inslee are a step forward but not as protective as those already put forth by EPA. The treaty Indian tribes in western Washington are encouraging the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to stay strong in their oversight in the development of water quality standards […]

Seattle Times: State water-pollution proposals not tough enough for fish and human safety, critics say

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Lynda Mapes in the Seattle Times put together a nice summation of where we are on the state’s proposed water quality standards released yesterday: The EPA’s version regulates more pollutants more tightly and does not provide the same tools for permit holders that could in some cases provide more time to implement the rules or […]

Eating large amounts of Port Angeles Harbor crab could raise risks of cancer and why that matters


The Peninsula Daily News recently covered the release of a study that points out, unsurprisingly, that eating crab and other shellfish from Port Angeles Harbor could give you cancer: Eating a lot of crab from Port Angeles Harbor could increase the risk of cancer, according to 13-year-old research presented to the Clallam County Board of […]

Roundup of EPA’s big announcement yesterday


KUOW: Feds Propose Tougher Clean Water Rule For Washington, Holding Line On Cancer Risk Chris Wilke, executive director of the non-profit Puget Soundkeeper Alliance, says controversy had swirled around the state’s proposal to loosen the allowable levels of carcinogens. “The state was walking back the cancer rate, from one in a million to one in […]

EPA steps in and offers better water quality standards to Washington State


Details are still coming, but it looks like the federal Environmental Protection Agency is delivering some good news for Washington State: From the Longview Daily News: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is following through on its promise to propose a new clean-water rule for Washington, in case the state doesn’t come up with its own […]

If you’re interested in local food, you have to wonder “Who wants to eat contaminated seafood?”

Two huge voices in the local food movement, Kevin Davis (co-owner and executive chef at Steelhead Diner and Blueacre Seafood) and Julie Kramis Hearne (cookbook author and former restaurant owner) wrote a scathing oped on the governor’s proposal to increase the risk of cancer from eating seafood 1,000 percent. As longtime restaurateurs, sports anglers, sustainable […]

Now that the governor’s toxics bill is dead, now what do we do? Russ Hepfer explains why we need a strong rule

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Russ Hepfer is the vice-chair of the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe and sits on the Leadership Council of the Puget Sound Partnership. He explained in a piece published in the Peninsula Daily News why we’ve always need a water quality rule that protects human health, whether or not the governor was able to get a […]