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PCC Natural Markets: A tenfold increase in cancer risk is not acceptable

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PCC Natural Markets, the iconic Seattle-based food market, called out the state Department of Ecology in their comments on new proposed water quality standards: A tenfold increase in cancer risk (and the additional increase in allowable risk from PCBs) is not acceptable. The comments came in a letter from Eli Penberthy of PCC’s public affairs […]

Darn Right: “there should be no allowance for more cancer in our communities”

Great oped this morning by Laura Skelton of Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility and Steve Gilbert of the Institute of Neurotoxicology and Neurological Disorders: Gov. Jay Inslee and the Department of Ecology have raised Washington’s FCR from a measly 6.5 grams per day to 175 grams per day to better protect consumers. However, with that […]

EPA: increasing cancer risk by 10-fold does not “fully reflect best available science”

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Last week’s end of the public comment period on the state’s proposed water quality rules included substantial comments from all levels of our community. This includes the federal Environmental Protection Agency, whose job it is to enforce the Clean Water Act  (which the state water quality rules have to abide by). So, what did the […]

EPA to step in for human health in Washington water quality standards

Four months ago treaty tribes asked the federal Environmental Protection Agency to step in and set water quality standards in Washington state that would protect human health. Late last night the EPA answered that call and told the state that they are moving ahead. Criticism of Inslee’s draft propose plan centers around the tenfold increase […]

Puget Sound seabirds end up eating polluted fish

The Columbia Basin Bulletin points out an interesting study that shows just how pollution makes it through the food chain: Seabirds nesting in Puget Sound consume fish, including Columbia River salmon, far more contaminated by long-lasting urban pollutants such as PCBs and flame retardants than seabirds feeding on the outer Washington coast, according to a […]