Tribes Cautious About Governor’s Toxics Reduction Plan (and other coverage)

“While a toxics control effort is needed, it is not an effective replacement for strong water quality rules and standards. We cannot continue with a pollution-based economy.”

What is your fish consumption rate?

According to the state of Washington, you eat 6.5 grams of seafood a day. Use this calculator to find out what is your actual fish consumption rate is.

How the fish consumption rate is like an umbrella

The fish consumption rate, which protects clean seafood in Washington State, is like an umbrella to protect everyone.

Why clean seafood matters to the family cook

Clean seafood is important to Willow, who cooks fresh fish for her family.

Read more about the seafood consumption rate

Why does the fish consumption rate matter? How does it impact our economy and our health? Download our fact sheet here.

Fish consumption rate in the news

Go here to find recent news clips and updates on the fish consumption rate debate.